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APCD (Paulista Dental Surgeons Association) supports dentist´s right to order health tests


APCD (Paulista Dental Surgeons Association) supports dentist´s right to order health tests

This situation, caused by lack operators information, generate patients embarrassment, which also unaware their rights.

Concerned with this situation, the Paulista Dental Surgeons Association (APCD) has been fighting for patients to use the health plan for tests requested by dentists without facing negative.

According to the APCD´s president, Adriano Forghieri, some operators base their negative in item II of article 12 of Law 9.656 (1988), which establishes that every test should be requested by doctors. The operators are unaware of or disregard is that in 2007, the SLA launched Normative Precedent No. 11, which provides for the dentists´ competence to request laboratory tests, imaging and even ordering hospitalizations.

"For the Normative Resolution No. 338/2013 of the ANS - explains Forghieri - resources, exams and auxiliary techniques necessary for the diagnosis, treatment and dental prognosis may be requested or executed directly by the dentist." All professionals affiliated to the APCD are getting legal support for health plans that refuse to carry out purely and simply exams because they were ordered by practitioners of dentistry are duly punished by the regulatory agency.

Forghieri points out that more and more dentists are taking a leadership role and engagement with other health areas. "This is already a reality in primary health care teams, which are composed by doctors, nurses and dentists, as well as community workers and technical professionals. It is also true in public and private hospitals, where it is required the dentist presence at the ICU to give the necessary support to hospitalized patients."

The APCD´s president also understands that dentists should inform to the patients all their rights, enforcing the changes that the legislation promoted. "We can no longer accept that our patients do not do important exams or pay out of pocket for a right that belongs to them, to use the health plan", argues Forghieri.

Source: APCD
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