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Add the "dental floss" to your daily routine


Add the "dental floss" to your daily routine

If you feel guilty for responding timidly "not always" when your dentist asks you about flossing, you are not alone. Statistics say that about 80 % of people do not use dental floss.

Although you had heard about the importance of dental floss, you probably do not pay attention when the dentist starts talking about it. For some reason it's a hard habit to incorporate, probably because it takes time , makes mess, or be one more thing you have to do.

Well, it turns out that part of your daily routine worth every second. Once your toothbrush can´t reach every corner of your mouth (such as between the teeth), dental floss is the best way to remove any food particles and plaque to prevent tooth decay and gingivitis (inflammation of the gum tissue). As a bonus, it helps prevent bad breath, since it can prevent bacteria forming in those places that are hard to reach.

The dental floss is important to maintain healthy gums and preventing periodontal disease. Your oral health is connected to your physical health and not brushing or flossing the teeth really can leave you susceptible to infections.

In addition to recognizing that flossing is a good habit, you can add it to your daily routine if you have trouble with traditional dental floss. There are several options that can be used to clean between the teeth. The first are the floss pick and the wire clamp. These useful gadgets are easy to use, fast and funny. For people with space between teeth, use an interdental brush. At the end of each day, you will see how, shortly after passing the wire, your mouth is refreshing and with the feeling that just got out of the dentist.

Source : Wikimedia Commons