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The tongue can be a good health meter


The tongue can be a good health meter

A healthy tongue should be pink , consistent , have a smooth and homogeneous surface and measure approximately 10 centimeters. So when it presents very different, it is good to be aware because something in the body is not going well. Tongue varieties may indicate illness, emotional problems or even lack of some vitamins.

“The tongue can be a good health meter. It is important to note if your mobility is fixed, it does not present tremors in his movement , bumps , volume changes , color, appearance and / or changes of shape and contour , "says Celso Sanseverino , dentist , specialist in Oral Health from Medical Sciences University( Unicamp).

Changes in these areas cited by the specialist may indicate certain diseases such as cancer, AIDS , anemia , stomatitis , allergic reactions , diabetes, hypothyroidism , sleep apnea , among others. So Celso says it is always good to do a "check up" during a daily tongue´s cleaning.

For example, if white plaques were observed on the dorsum of the tongue, it may be that the cleaning is not being performed correctly, which may result in halitosis. Already there are strange bumps , you must do tests to detect tumors. A very plain language may indicate anemia. High fever to leave very dry and red . Even small lesions may indicate something more serious.

“The tongue is one of the parts of our body that heals faster. People with lesions that persist for more than three weeks should seek competent professional assistance in order to receive a correct diagnosis and already start some treatment if necessary, "says Celso.

Emotional Indicator

Emotional changes often cause a lot of organic reactions at the body, and with the tongue is no different. The high level of stress and anxiety (because of increased adrenaline) causes a decrease in salivary flow , which can lead to other changes in that body. " We can see , from small lesions that cause burning and discomfort, inflammation, aphthous lesions and opportunistic infections , especially yeast ," says Celso.

Lack of vitamin

For the specialist, although the tongue´s analysis is not the most adequate to detect lack of vitamins (now the blood tests are much simpler and accurate for these purposes), you can see through it some shortcomings in this field.

"The presence of small lesions can mean deficiency of vitamins A and C. A whitish tongue (and well cleaned) can be lack of biotin or iron. A red tongue, excluding the possibility of increased volume by inflammation, may mean lack of vitamins B2, B3 and E , "says Celso.

Correct Hygiene

The cleaning of the tongue should always be made with dental hygiene , ie , after meals , with the use of own toothbrush or with the aid of lingual scrapers . " Bacterial plates on the tongue lead to a predisposition to major systemic diseases . So that phrase that says that health begins with the mouth is not just a simple jargon , " says the expert.

Source: Terra / saú