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10 tips for newly graduated in Dentistry


10 tips for newly graduated in Dentistry

This post is for you newly formed, which is looking for a health care job, specifically of Dentistry. It is very important at this stage of very theoretical knowledge and practical questions, hear tips from those who experienced the same feeling!

This was an initiative of Dental Diva @Julemes to unite the dental Blogs to advise the newly formed Dentistry. So, I will give 10 tips that I would like to have received when I graduated!

Here are the tips

1 - Do not mount your clinic or office! Calm, I explain! Before you set up your own office, follow the second tip.

2-Make good Networks during graduation, veterans, teachers, Congresses´ friends, Dental Games´ friends... may be prospective employers for a recent graduate. And after graduating, seek friends or veterans who already have a clinic set up in order to work. Know the employer is the best resume that you can deliver.

3 - Work as a general practitioner and make a lot of general practice! In the first years after graduation, do everything; prosthesis, endodontics, surgery, periodontics ... I now realize that many dentists have a lack of treatment planning vision for not having experience in other areas. One saying that "In theory the practice is another," goes for dentistry.

4 - Do not leave graduation desperate for a specialization! Contrary what do you think, your patients do not want a professional who knows little much, but a little bit of everything! Today indicates a patient to a specialist becomes dangerous because you do not know if this patient will come back to your office! Therefore, the early years are critical to learn to work in a clinic as a team and not specializing.

Newly graduated

5 - Read a lot! Dentists are too lazy to read the materials´ label that they use day by day! Then, the fault is of the material that is bad or the prosthetic that does not know how to work on the top of your "perfect" molding! Information does not have weigh, even more at the dental field, as it will give you pleasure! Even if the APCD magazine or dental Blogs. Stay on top at least your profession! It is more dynamic than you think!

6 - Never, ever speak ill from your colleagues’ profession works for the patient! Believe me; it just comes back to yourself! Many will ask for a second opinion for you, badmouthing other professional! Buddhist vision for it: find the positive side of the issue or situation. Most of them want to try it out to get a free consultation. Break this chain charging your query! If he does not want to pay, it is better to lose it!

7 - Value your profession! Since your formation, think as the primary goal! Only then you can be proud of it and reap the rewards in the future!

8- Think about your retirement from the day you graduated! Time goes very fast, and your force from you were newly formed will finish one day!

9- Mount your clinic! After accumulating experience, money, and one or more partners, builds your clinic! Courses such as SEBRAE Empretec , or several entrepreneurship courses in dentistry , will support and give you security for a prosperous future.

10- Relax on weekends and enjoy with the family, because nothing is more precious than the time you spend with them. At such times, there will always be a family member at a barbecue, or during a birthday party looking for a quick dental appointment. For these people, you answer: (patient ) -You can check out ?! (you) Sure! Just pay for it!

Source: Ortodontia Para Todos. Access 04/08/2015