The strict quality standards adopted by Dentflex , surrendered to the company important national and international certifications .

  • Inmetro - Certificate - noise level Inmetro

    Inmetro - Certificate - noise level Inmetro

    High speed parts´ Dentflex are certified noise level by INMETRO.

  • GMP - Good Manufacturing Practices (ANVISA)

    GMP - Good Manufacturing Practices (ANVISA)

    ANVISA RDC Resolution No. 59 requires all providers of medical products, compliance with the requirements established by the Good Manufacturing Practices for Medical Products.
    ANVISA (National Agency for Sanitary Vigilance) is a regulatory agency created by the federal brazilian government, through Law No. 9782 dated January 26, 1999 and affiliated to the Ministry of Health has as its mission to protect and promote population health by ensuring the health safety of products and services and participating in the construction of access.

  • ISO 9001

    ISO 9001

    In essence, ISO 9001 standard is one that seeks to establish criteria for adequate management of business, focusing mainly on customer satisfaction and consumer.

  • ISO 13485

    ISO 13485

    ISO 13485 is a model of Quality Management System based on the requirements of ISO 9001, applicable to manufacturers and importers of medical products.